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Walking Rivers lets people select between kayaking, abseiling & bushwalking experiences. Newcastle NSW based makes us central to many of the states premier National Parks.Our outdoor experiences suit a variety people's tastes and abilities, additionaly we supply all equipment necessary as well as transport transfers



For many people being on or near water is soothing for their soul. All of our water journeys are built on this fundamental principal. They give you the opportunity to reconnect with nature, yourself and the people around you. Taking some time out in one of our safe custom designed kayaks can provide you with a totally different perspective on your outdoor Australian experience.


Walking around a new city visiting major tourist destinations can be very exciting, no one would deny that. However, if you also wish to experience something really different that’s just as memorable, is truly unique and something very few people get to enjoy even once in their lifetime, then come along on one of our professionally guided Australian bush experiences. We have one that will be just right for you.



Mix some adrenalin with your view of the Australian outdoors. We realize that climbing and abseiling up and down cliffs is not for everyone, but for those do wish to try out something that is totally out of the ordinary, we have sourced some of the best climbing adventures Australia has to offer.




If you have the time, are moderately fit and energetic then it's hard to go past this fantastic hike through the Barrington Tops National Park. It delivers everything the Australian bush has to offer, swimming in mountain streams, interacting with wild horses Australian Brumbies, sleeping in some very Australian tin huts and all the while enjoying some magnificent views. This hike is approximately 65 kilometers and is easily walked over four nights and five days.


This paddle will provide you with fun, romance and often the opportunity to get up close and personal with Port Stephens resident dolphins. No noisy engines,or other distractions as you leisurely paddle along the shores Of Jimmy's beach up to the headlands of Port Stephens. Sip champagne and eat strawberries as you watch the sun setting over the islands out to the west. This paddle is designed to be four hours of total relaxation for people of all levels of fitness and ability.

If you want to learn to paddle whitewater and have heaps of fun then this two and a half day Barrington River trip will deliver all of this and more. We don't believe in two people paying for an adventure and only being provided with one boat to share or worse a raft with ten people. Every person on our adventures always paddles a kayak on their own. This optimizes your whole learning and fun experience. The boats are incredibly stable and easy to paddle for all levels of ability. 

This one day bushwalking experience in the Watagan National Park is a fantastic way for you to be immersed in the Great Australian outdoors. Only two hours drive North of Sydney, with an early start there is plenty of time for exploring everything this forest has to offer. We don't stick to the tourist trails we take you off track for some real canyoning type experiences. The views are awesome and there is often the chance of seeing some native Australian animals in the wild.