Sunrise abseiling adventure that is exciting, unique and provides a rare opportunity

  • 15 yrs & 0ver $145.00
  • Children $90.00
  • Hotel pick up xtra $15.00pp
  • Non Abseiler $60.00
  • Departs from:
  • Speers Point Park
  • 4 people min to run
  • Drone video of you $80.00
  • Breakfast included
  • Guide photo’s
  • Transfers to Cliffs
  • All equipment

Have you ever considered doing something that may be out of your comfort zone but at the same time is exciting, exhilarating and offers a high sense of achievement?
The Lake Macquarie Abseiling Adventure is an activity that offers you and your friends all of the above.
In the first place, it’s a superb activity to do because we can do it almost every day of the year.
Secondly, for your part, all you need to do is dress for the prevailing weather, wear a pair of running shoes, and bring your camera.

It must be remembered we have programmed the Lake Macquarie Abseiling adventure as an early morning sunrise activity. Chiefly, you may need to be flexible with the departure time to take full advantage of the sunrise. However, if this does not suit your style simply look down the list of abseiling tours here and choose one more appealing to you.
Generally, our Lake Macquarie Abseiling Adventure departs from the Speers point park at 5 am and returns at 10 am.
Furthermore, we can pick people up directly from their accommodation or home, but this is before the 5.00 am start and at a small extra cost. Contact us to arrange.

What you will be doing

To begin with, you will be abseiling on our training wall, 20 meters.
We are allowing you to build confidence and develop the skills required to abseil the Dark Cave. Additionally, it will enable the guide to make sure you are ready to progress to more difficult challenges.

The Dark Cave.

A quirk of nature has created a miniature canyon in the landscape that’s just crying out for abseilers to investigate. In the event, you decide to join us, you will experience something that is indeed spectacular, unique and rare.
That is to say, we don’t often get to abseil in an environment that is not cliff based.

Additionally, coupled with your abseiling, you will be watching the sunrise from on top of the cliffs as well as having a barbecue breakfast.

Not scheduled at a time you want to go, please contact us, we will try to accommodate your time frame.


To book or find out more please call 0438563307, email info@walkingrivers.com