Barrington River Kayak Adventure

Looking down the Barrington river between the trees on each bank




1 or 2 days camping and kayaking with us

is an awesome experience

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We know you will love spending some time on the Barrington River Kayak Adventure.We think its more exhilarating, whitewater rafting or kayak paddling a single kayak. We provide camp equipment, training and kayaks ensuring you have an exhilerating experience.

Anyone with training can enjoy kayaking.


If you are  considering doing a Barrington River Kayak Adventure then you have come to the right place here's why:

Walking Rivers discovered on a Barrington River Kayak Adventure its more exhilarating, whitewater rafting or kayak paddling a single kayak.

We promote one person one kayak. Our staff provide equipment & training for you to have an exhilerating experience. Anyone with training can enjoy kayak paddling on whitewater.

Why pay for a personal experience and find yourself sharing your kayak or raft with others.

Companies only do this as a way to maximise their profits,and not for your enjoyment.

Our kayaks are real river touring boats they are not inflatables. We provide all transport, food, training, and equipment for you to have an excellent Barrington River kayaking Adventure.

Key points why are we different

  • no shared rafts
  • no shared canoes
  • Only single person kayaks
  • full training included


The Barrington River kayak Adventure provides a fantastic opportunity for you and your friends, with any skill level to experience the thrill and fun of paddling down a pristine river.

Being only a couple of hours drive north of a major city, Newcastle NSW also adds to the appeal of the Barrington River Kayak Adventure.


The lower section from Rocky crossing to the Barrington reserve is excellent for people that are new to kayaking. Whether you want to learn paddling skills on flat water or experience a taste of paddling whitewater, this section of the river has ample opportunity you to practice both skills. As the water is moving downstream, it becomes interspersed with pools and some grade one rapids making it ideal for learning.

Advancing on from the lower section is the center section from Bindera down to rocky crossing a distance of approximately 15 kilometers. This section with grade two rapids offers quite a challenge for new paddlers and can take most of the day to complete.


As you paddle along you will see the river bank or its technical term the riparian zone has many old bottlebrush trees and casuarinas that provide homes for a variety of birds and different small animals. You will also paddle through some areas of rainforest and blackboys which makes for a pleasant variety to the scenery you will see during your day on the river.

Our Barrington River Kayak Adventure trip makes for the perfect relaxing two-day getaway. Additionally, it also provides plenty of time for you to become fully immersed in all the natural beauty the river has to offer.

Key points, why we love

  • Quick, easy drive from the city
  • Fantastic learning environment
  • Variety of landscapes
  • Species diversity


Packed with excitement and fun the two day Barrington River kayking adventure highlight will see you learning and practicing all the skills you will need to safely paddle both the lower and center sections of the river.

Initially, you will possibly meet every rapid with trepidation, and then on each one's completion, you will celebrate the joy of a successful passage down its bubbling waters.

Sometimes you may not be successful, rolling out of your kayak and having to swim to the bottom of the rapid, but this is all part of the fun and exhilaration that comes with paddling whitewater.

Additionally, sitting around the campfire at night sharing stories from the days paddling while slow roasting marshmallows and then curling up in your tent will leave you feeling like you are in another world.

As with all of Walking Rivers experiences for people with a penchant for photography, the opportunities are everywhere.

Key points, activity highlights

  • Excellent novice whitewater paddling
  • Idyllic camping location
  • Relaxing fun-filled days
  • Develop new skills


The wildlife in the river corridor is varied and abundant.

The pristine water quality of the Barrington River creates an ideal environment for a variety of wildlife.

Also of significance, areas the river passes through are recognized as critical bird areas. Australia has in total 314 identified Important Bird Areas, (IBA's) these are areas that are perceived as internationally crucial for bird conservation and known to support key bird species.
The focus for Barrington region IBA is the protection of rainforest birds.

As you meander along between the many rapids keep an eye out for Azure Kingfishers, King Parrots, Black Cockatoos, Rosellas and Blue Wrens, to name just a few of the different species you may encounter.

Key points, about the wildlife

  • Home to a range of bird life
  • Excellent photography opportunities
  • Surprise encounters


We start our journey from our home base in Newcastle, travel North on the Pacific highway turning off towards the township of Gloucester and onto our start point on the river (approximately two hours). Our bus can pick people up at one of our designated meeting places along the way and return you to the same spot. We are as flexible as possible with our pickups to try and make it easy for you. Talk to us on an individual basis to arrange your pickup point. Of course, we will bring you back to your pick up location when your adventure ends.

Key points, about getting there

  • Only 2 hours drive north of the city
  • Convenient departure points
  • Regular breaks
  • Onboard movies
  • Making friends


Foe our two day trip because we are not traveling by Kayak, expedition style to different campsites, we do not need to go light on our camping equipment. We set up a base camp beside the river and enjoy as much as possible all the comforts of home.

Furthermore our bus is parked right where we camp, so we have everything close by for the whole time we are away.

Key points, about our camping

  • Camp beside the river
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Relaxing environments
  • Time to reflect the day's activities
  • Plenty of free time


Custom designed kayaks for undertaking river journeys like the Barrington River Kayak Adventure. They are light, stable, easy to paddle, respond well to turning maneuvers and are excellent for learning to paddle whitewater.

Longer than a short whitewater boat but not as long as a sea kayak they are a compromise between the two, primarily because as well as needing to be highly maneuverable in the rapids they need to also be right on the flat water sections of the river.

Key points, the kayaks

  • Crossover design
  • Easy to paddle
  • Fast through the water
  • Helmets and PFD's supplied


We just have to say. When possible, we use locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from our nearby farmer's markets.

Additionally, we like to top our delicious meals of with some camp style baking. Furthermore, we also provide 24-hour snacks just in case you get a hungry for something late at night. It is a Walking Rivers policy you will never go hungry, even after a day’s paddle in the fresh air.

Key points, about the food

  • Included in the price
  • Plenty to eat
  • Cooked in the camp setting
  • 24-hour snacks and fruit
  • Diverse menu



  • Professional guiding service
  • All kayaking equipment 
  • Meals on arrival at camp  (lunch day one to lunch day two )
  • Cooking equipment
  • Camping equipment including tents, thick Therm-a-rest mattresses
  • National Park Fees



  • Accommodation before or after the kayaking portion of your trip;
  • Flights, airport transfers, ferries, taxis
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages
  • Personal items (toiletries, clothing, etc.)
  • Sleeping bags

Let us know if you are you are bringing any of your own camping equipment. After checking the list of what to bring lets us know if you have any questions about anything relating to gear.



If you are at all apprehensive about your abilities to undertake something like the Barrington River Kayak Adventure, please remember our experienced river guides will train you in the skills needed to negotiate all of the rapids with ease.All you need is to be moderately fit and have a yearning for some safe and controlled adventure.

Going on a fully guided adventure is very different to going it alone. Being conducted by professional, trained, qualified people allows us to go to many places that would be unthinkable on our own. Additionally, we consider you to be part of a team overcoming all the challenges the river throws at us.

Walking Rivers has comprehensive risk management and contingency plans in place as well safety procedures that ensure you will be free to not worry about anything too much other than having fun.