A group of Kayakers are waiting to cross behind the car ferry during the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Kayaking Award journey

Bronze Kayaking Award Journey

We welcome you joining a Walking Rivers, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Kayaking Award journey from any award unit.

For a Duke of Edinburgh Journey to proceed, there is a requirement for a minimum number of four students to participate. If you are on your own, please still consider registering with us, and we will endeavour to create a group of four to make your Journey happen.





By reading here, you are clearly contemplating if a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Kayaking Award journey is something you are ready to participate in. On the other hand, you may have already decided, and you are excited about making a trip.
Of course, my mission is to explain why we believe we can and will, provide you with an outstanding Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Kayaking Award experience.


In first place: We promise to assist you throughout your entire Bronze Kayaking Award journey.

Your Bronze Journey is much more than the time away on camp. Equally important is the preparation for your Journey and also the completed report after your Journey is over. All three elements need to work in harmony for you to successfully achieve your award.

Kayaker are exploring a hidden creek during the Bronze Kayaking Award journey
A group of students carrying a kayak up a road on a Duke of Edinburgh program


Firstly, for many young people, it is often the first night away from home. Mum and Dad may also experience pangs of anxiety around missing you.
Secondly, add to this, its a camping night that requires a lot of equipment and preparation. It’s easy to see why it can be stressful and a little overwhelming.

My phone is always on, call for assistance on any journey related topic, anytime.


After you register with Walking Rivers, we enter your details into a planning spreadsheet. Its design enables us to track every component of your Bronze, Duke of Edinburgh journey.
Having everyone well prepared from the start to completion is a significant part of ensuring a fun, stress-free and life-enriching experience.


Expect to receive advice on which gear to pack and how to pack it. You will also receive instructions on making sure your kit fits in the Kayak and stays dry.

Camping is not a code word for dreadful food.

You do not need to eat astronaut food whilst at camp. We will send you advice on how to have yummy light meals where the ingredients need no refrigeration. Additionally, you will learn how to identify food that has minimal packaging. Most campsites have no garbage bins—everything we pack in, we pack out, so it will be essential to learn how not to fill your Kayak with empty packaging.

You will receive a complete information package. We endeavour to answer every question you or your parents may want to ask before you have requested it.


Our planning is comprehensive and complete. All that is left for you to do is learn some fantastic new skills and have vast amounts of fun with your new friends.
We will have made sure all the equipment is in first-class working order. Additionally, risks will have been identified, and a safety plan will be in place to mitigate any unforeseen events.
Furthermore, your parents will have access to a Satelite program that allows them to see your Journey unfold as you paddle it.
Our goal is to make sure no one is disappointed or feel they made the wrong decision joining a Walking Rivers adventure.


Generally speaking now is the time to write your journey report. Experience tells us many students struggle with the motivation to complete their journey reports. We will not abandon you. Mentoring and assisting as much as possible, you will experience a continuation of our commitment to you.
Post Journey information, along with templates, photos for evidence, times, and distances, will all be available to assist with your Duke of Edinburgh award submission.


  • Quality Training & Practice
  • Qualified Outdoor Instructors
  • Kayaks
  • PFD’s, paddles & skirts
  • Emergency Response Equipment
  • Satellite Tracking & monitoring
  • Campsite & National Park fees
  • Group Shelter
  • Camp Chair
  • Navigation Maps
  • Journey Mentoring before & after


  • Tents (available for hire)
  • Gas Stoves (available for hire)
  • Sleeping mat (available for hire)
  • Sleeping Bag (available for hire)
  • Food
  • Personal Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Paddling clothes
  • Transport to start point
  • Transport home after completion
  • Sunscreens and insect repellants



Suppose you want to have an awesome fun time and experience abundant wildlife up close while learning new skills on your Bronze kayaking award journey.
If you do, then it is tough to go past the magnificent Myall Lakes region.
We have repeatedly run programs across each of the three leading lakes, at all Duke of Edinburgh levels, Bronze Silver and Gold and never had a group disappointed with their experience.

The Myall Lakes is situated just inland from the east coast, about 250 kilometres north of Sydney. People find it a leisurely freeway drive approximately 2.5 hours from the Northern side of Sydney Harbour bridge.
Being the most extensive natural freshwater lake system on the New South Wales coast and surrounded by National Park, it is ideal for our Duke of Edinburgh programs.
Additionally, Myall Lakes are known as a wetland of international significance under the RAMSAR convention.

Myall Lakes National Park

Please take a look at the map showing the nearly 10,000 hectares of coastal lagoons and lakes and its easy to see why it’s our favourite area.


An Adventurous Journey that is great fun and a very different experience to the Myall Lakes trip is the Wisemans Ferry Journey. If you join us for this one, you will enjoy a paddle that encompasses the historic Wisemans Ferry district and Webbs Creek.
Additionally, some people’s attraction about the Wisemans Ferry experience is it is only 75 kilometres north-northwest of the Sydney CBD. Therefore, making the drive a quick, easy turn around for most when dropping students off.
Together with us, you will also explore some of Webbs Creek’s convict history, see aboriginal cave paintings and enjoy paddling in an iconic area.
Finally, another point of difference that may be important to some is that we camp on private land and access good bathrooms with hot showers.

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