During the Silver Bushwalking Award a group of hikers are crossing a stream


You can join a Walking Rivers, Duke of Edinburgh Silver Bushwalking Award journey from any award unit

Practise or Qualifying 

Regardless of level, all Duke of Edinburgh journey’s requires a minimum number of four students per group. If you are on your own still register with us and we will endeavour to create a group of four to make your journey happen.


How we envision a Silver Bushwalking Award journey

The Silver Bushwalking Award journey is part of the second stage of the Duke of Edinburgh programme. It is where you will be asked to take on greater responsibilities, and more commitment will be needed to complete the silver level.

Because of this, our Silver Bushwalking Award programme was made to meet Duke of Edinburgh requirements and give people a sense of accomplishment.

First, you will be on a team of four to seven people, just like in all the other levels. During the trip, each team member will have a chance to be the team leader and make all the decisions.

You’ll be in an unfamiliar location, relying on precise map navigation to get around.

Key points, Silver Award Journey should be:

  • in an unfamiliar environment.
  • a challenging but rewarding journey
  • You will all agree on the journey goal
  • Part of a small team with 4-7 members only
  • It should make you be keen for Gold

A Silver Bushwalking Award Journey has a lot to offer:

We have been told that there is a lot of pride in getting a Silver Bushwalking Award.

People who become Silver Award Bushwalkers have a lot of courage, endurance, and strength in their bodies and minds. How it makes you feel and the memories you have of being in nature, away from the crowds, are things that can’t be matched.

Something about being a Silver Bushwalking Award holder, though, makes us feel good about ourselves.

Key points, what’s on offer

  • Be proud of doing something well.
  • Build up your physical strength.
  • Time in nature will make you happy
  • Create lifetime memories with your friends
  • You will have earned the award

Activity highlights you will enjoy:

People worldwide love the Duke of Edinburgh Award because it helps them grow as people.

As you move through the Silver Bushwalking experience, you’ll have more and more fun in the great outdoors. You’ll be able to try out cooking your own food, making your own fire, and sleeping under the stars while you’re on your journey.

Not to mention that while on your trip, you’ll also learn about the thrill of working with a group and the satisfaction of setting and meeting goals.

Explore the world around you and see how exciting the next part of your journey will be!

Key points, activity highlights

  • Choose your own food
  • Cook on a fire
  • Sleep in a tent
  • Be away from home
  • Meet new people

About yourself & the Silver Bushwalking Award Journey:

Firstly, you must be at least 15 years old and realise that completing the three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh award will require hard work, self-discipline, and perseverance.

Along the road, you’ll meet some fantastic new friends who will be working just as hard and with the same dedication as you. It’s not simple, but the benefits are definitely worth the effort. You get to show everyone, including yourself, that you are capable of completing a challenge and that you are capable of accomplishing more than you ever imagined.

Secondly, you’ll also need to be able to carry all of your camping gear and water and food in your backpack and hike to your campsite each day.

Finally, we’re honoured to be a part of your Duke of Edinburgh experience, and we hope that the lessons you learn will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Any questions about doing a Silver Award Journey


Watagans Silver Bushwalking Award.

Post covid Duke of Edinburgh has returned to pre covid conditions:

Post covid we are back with two seperate journey’s Training and Practice followed a few weeks later by the Qualifying Journey.

The same rules now apply to both the Bronze and the Gold Journeys.

The only difference for each level is being the purposeful effort time and the nights away camping.

Your Silver Bushwalking Award will be two nights and three days for each journey

Day one: 

 Hike from the Gap to Mount Myall area of the Watagan National Park/State Forest. 

Distance to hike approx. 10 Kilometres.

Camping at Olsson’s campground.

Lessons Day 1

  1. Understand the adventurous journey planned.
  2. Observation and Recording Skills
  3. Route Planning 
  4. Camp craft/Accommodation & Hygiene

Day Two: 

 Camping at Olssons

Hike from Olssons via Hunter lookout returning to Olssons via Hammond track.

Distance to hike approx. 10 Kilometres. 

Focus for day is Navigation, both on track and off track.

Camping at Olsson’s campground.

Lessons Day 2

  1. Route Planning / Navigation
  2. Safety and safe practice
  3. Teamwork, problem-solving and leadership.

*Returning to Olssons campground is a time saving measure. It negates rebuilding a new camp. Remember we only have five days instead of six and we have a lot to get through.

Day three:

Participants to decide as a team where they wish to hike utilising all the map reading and navigation skills learned on day two.

Hike to be approx. 12 kilometres

Focus on utilising new skills learned

Lessons Day 3

  1. Weather in the field
  2. First aid 
  3. Emergency Procedures.

Camping to be decided by team.

Revision of skills learned 

Return to Sydney.

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