A hiker is crossing a stream using a wooden plank during the Silver Bushwalking Award

Silver Bushwalking Award

Learn about completing a Silver Bushwalking Award

Both our practice and qualifying journeys are available for all participants from any award unit.

Duke of Edinburgh requires a minimum number of four students per group. If you are on your own still register with us and we will endeavour to create a group of four to make your journey happen.


2 x 3 days


Watagans National Park


15 year old & above


$330.00 each


Minimum Four


Flexible dates

For success, our Silver Bushwalking Award program has a focus on making sure the participants are:

  1. Undertaking a challenging and rewarding journey
  2. It’s in an unfamiliar environment.
  3. It has an agreed purpose
  4. Performed in a small team of 4-7.

Initially, training and practice are paramount. We are not “just going camping.” Our training will empower young people to develop and discover resilience within themselves; they did not know existed.
Our qualified professional guides are working out of a written training manual, thus eliminating ad hoc subjects and misinformation.