A person is climbing up the face of a cliff during the Watagans Abseiling and Climbing day













20.40 & 60 METERS

How does this work?

If you have the desire to try the sport of rock climbing, our combination Watagans Abseiling and Climbing program may be suitable for you. The one day program combines both Abseiling and Rock Climbing.
You, along with our guides, will be spending the whole day in the Watagans Abseiling and Climbing on a variety of cliffs learning new skills.

A climber is climbing up a cliff in the Watagans Abseiling and Climbing
Training to climb

20m Warm Up

After some training on sloping ground, you will be ready for your first cliff of the day. It’s a shear wall of approx 20 meters. It will be your choice to start at the top and abseil down, or vice versa, walk to the bottom and climb up.

Either way, it’s a great place to begin your day. It will allow you to build confidence and develop the skills required to tackle the Mega Drop.

The Watagans Abseiling and Climbing day allows climbers like the one shown here go both up and down the cliff
Abseiling back Down

Mega Drop

After a enjoying a short morning tea break it’s time to tackle the Mega drop, 60 meters of adrenaline-pumping action. The memories of achieving a challenge like the mega wall are both life-changing and lifelong.

The opportunity to explore some caves and study the intricate formations wind has carved into the rock will present itself.

Having fun all day

The Dark Cave

A quirk of nature has created a miniature canyon in the landscape that’s just crying out for abseilers to investigate. In the event, you decide to join us, you will experience something that is indeed spectacular, unique and rare.

That is to say, we don’t often get to abseil down & then climb an almost vertical slot out of between rock that is not cliff based.

A detailed explanation……..

Generally speaking, the day combines both exciting abseiling and climbing action on a variety of cliffs. Climbing cliffs are different to abseiling cliffs in that they have grades of difficulty. You will have plenty of ascents on different grade cliffs. The various grades mean you have the opportunity to be climbing at your level of comfort constantly.

Three uniquely different abseiling experiences may also be available as part of your day, depending on time constraints.
Abseiling is suitable for a wide range of people of varying levels of fitness and ability; climbing is not so. It requires a relatively higher level of fitness and agility.

Valuable Information

The same as all Walking Rivers adventures, you will receive comprehensive training, so no previous experience is necessary. It does help to have an adventurous spirit and a willingness to try different things.

Being moderately fit is all that is required. Walking along the track after abseiling down, back to the top of the cliff, can be demanding for some people.

The Walking Rivers 4 x 4 Troop-carrier departs from the Freemans Waterholes Cafe at 8 am and returns at approx 5.00 pm.

Furthermore, our vehicle may be able to pick people up directly from their accommodation or home, but this is before the 8.00 am start and at a small extra cost. Contact us to arrange.

Like all our abseiling adventures, the climbing component of the day is always challenge by choice.

In conclusion, the Watagans Abseiling and Climbing day has been designed to give you as much training and experience as possible in a short time frame. We hope you will come away from it ready to join the many thousands of people that love the sport.

You will need to bring/wear

Enclosed footwear ( runners, hike boots or similar) no thongs, please.

Comfortable clothing, preferably long pants.

Your Waterbottle 

Sunscreen/sunglasses and a hat 

Your camera


  • Professional,Qualified Guide
  • Morning tea and Lunch
  • Transfers both ways
  • Ropes,Harness, Helmets etc
  • Photo’s of your day


  • Accomadation
  • Flights,Airport Transfers
  • Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Alcoholic or carbonated drinks
  • Personal Items