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We have tried to provide you with an understanding of what we are about by providing as much detail as we think is needed for you gain a compehensive view of our company Walking Rivers Pty Ltd.


We work hard to ensure we only employ the right people, all qualified, experienced and with a passion for showing people the great Australian outdoors. As our business grows with the support of people like yourself we will remain committed and loyal to both our staff and our customers. We are happy to provide background and information on each of Walking Rivers staff members.


You have many choices about where to spend your holidays and money. We understand this and realize that if you make the choice to spend your money and time with us then we are privileged. Read on if you want to learn some of the reasons that make our trips special and the reasons why you won't be disappointed.



Walking Rivers is located in Newcastle NSW Australia.Newcastle is a city approx 2hrs drive north of Sydney. It’s home base for us and a great location from which to begin all of our outdoor adventures. However, depending on your chosen activity you may not need to travel to Newcastle as we pick people up from many different locations on our way to an adventure. Read more here to discover what Newcastle and its surrounds has to offer that may enhance your time in our area.



We are always hireing good hard working people that have a passion for the Australian outdoors. Additionally you must love helping people,because remember we are in the helping people business.



Need to get in touch with us? Well, you can! We’re a small team though, so we’re trying to limit the amount of email we get. Furthermore, we are often out on adventures with our customers and these do mean sometimes we may be slow getting back to you. Thank you in advance for your patience.Please follow the instructions below: