Looking at two Kayaks paddling on the Barrington River down through a maze of trees on the river bank during one of walking rivers tours



Walking Rivers Tours offer you the opportunity to select between kayaking, abseiling & bushwalking. Newcastle NSW, is central to many NSW National Parks making it the ideal location to begin your tour.

Furthermore, boasting Five Star hotels overlooking pristine sandy beaches, a comprehensive rail, bus and tram network, Newcastle city is easy to get around and enjoy, thus creating more excitement to your Walking Rivers tour experience.


For many people being on or near water is soothing for their soul.

All of our Kayak tours are built on this fundamental principle. They allow you to reconnect with nature, yourself and the people around you. Taking some time out in one of our safe custom designed kayaks can provide you with a totally different perspective on your outdoor Australian experience.


Walking around a city visiting major tourist destinations can be very exciting.

However, if you also wish to experience something really different that’s just as memorable, is truly unique and something very few people get to enjoy even once in their lifetime, then come along on one of our professionally guided Australian bush experiences.

We have one that will be just right for you.

A two man tent and a dining tent with some chairs in it on  Walking Rivers Bushwalking tours


Mix some adrenalin with your view of the Australian outdoors.

We realize that climbing and abseiling up and down cliffs is not for everyone, but for those do wish to try out something that is totally out of the ordinary, we have sourced some of the best climbing adventures Australia has to offer.

A person is climbing up a crack in the rock face on a walking Rivers Abseiling tour.