water is flowing over cliffs through the bush on the Watagan Abbott Falls Walk

Watagans Abbotts Falls Walk








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$80 + GST

What Will I Be Doing?

Firstly, after we pick you up from the Freemans Waterholes Cafe in our 4 X 4 Troop Carrier, we hope you enjoy the ride through the National park to where our walk to the Falls starts. Walking to the Falls is the easy part. It’s all downhill, along the side of a huge valley. As we are meandering along, we will try to spot any wildlife of interest and talk about some of the area’s history.

A person is swimming in the pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall on the Watagan Abbotts Falls Walk.
Swimming in the falls

Cooling Down

If the weather is warm enough, you will have plenty of time for swimming in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. It’s also possible to stand under the falls and let the water cascade down over you. There is a sandy beach, which some people like to sit on and relax after the walk-in.
The rocks have been carved out in some fascinating shapes over the years of water eroding them and are also well worth examining.

Climbing out between cliffs

Natural or Not

On the final section of the Watagans Abbotts Falls Walk, there is a significant drop to negotiate down between two substantial sheer rock walls. However, it’s easy to negotiate as people before us have left a couple of ropes hanging in place for assistance.

Additionally, now you will explore along the creek bed and study the intricate formations wind has carved into the rock.

You might see these

Wild life

The Watagans National park is home to various vulnerable and critically endangered species of flora and fauna. Whilst we can never guarantee what animals you will see, we do endeavour to proceed quietly and carefully in an attempt not to scare anything away.

If you are a keen camera buff, then there are always some incredible opportunities to capture some unique photos.

A Quick rundown about the day

As good as it gets, a chance to escape to the bush for a few hours on our Watagans Abbots Falls Walk. Specifically programmed to move you and your friends into a relaxing, fun zone, your day will be exciting and very rewarding.
As well as being in a secluded location, it has the bush surroundings to make it a genuinely unique experience.
You will have a yummy morning tea along with tea or coffee to make your morning complete.

Valuable Information

You will receive comprehensive instruction, so no previous bush experience is necessary.  

Being moderately fit is all that is required. Walking along the track back to the top of the valley can be demanding for some people.

We have had children as young as ten and adults as old as seventy-two complete the walk. 

Watagans Abbotts Falls Walk departs from the Freemans Waterholes Cafe at 8 am returns at approx 1.00 pm. 

Furthermore, our Troopy may be able to pick people up directly from your accommodation or home, but this is before the 8.00 am start and at a small extra cost. Contact us to arrange.

All Walking Rivers adventures are challenge by choice.

You will need to bring/wear

Enclosed footwear ( runners, hike boots or similar) no thongs, please.

Comfortable clothing, preferably long pants.

Your Waterbottle 

Sunscreen/sunglasses and a hat 

Your camera