Kayak’s are Tippy.

Kayak’s are tippy and I am afraid I can’t balance one

Kayak’s are tippy.

No, they are not. Like lots of things, there are many different models and types all with varying degrees of performance and stability. People cross oceans in these boats. If Kayak’s are tippy and unstable, this would not be possible.

Initially, when you first sit in a kayak, all the designs will feel a little rocky. Some more so than others, depending on the boat width, length and hull shape. The Kayak rocking quickly vanishes as soon as you start moving forward whichever design you are paddling. A Kayak feels very stable in the water, and you will no longer feel as though the kayak’s are tippy.

Your balance is also improved through your paddling action because as you push the paddle down into the water, you are naturally pulling against its force and pressing yourself lower into the boat. In the same way that it is vague to describe balance when riding a bicycle, it’s hard to explain balance when paddling a kayak. Within a very short distance, your natural balance takes over. You will feel very comfortable, and you will no longer feel that Kayak’s are tippy.

Kayak’s are tippy side on to the waves.

This is also not entirely correct.Keep in mind though if the wind gets up a bit, or a power boat comes past you may be paddling in some waves. Hopefully, by the time anything like this happens, you will be steering with no problems and quite capable of steering the boat directly into the waves.
By facing into the waves, it’s as though they are no longer there. Over time you will learn to balance with the Kayak side on to them, but this does take some time to master.

Remember to keep reminding yourself that if you do tip out, then all that will happen is you will get wet. One of our guides will quickly come to your assistance if it’s required and you will be back in the Kayak in no time flat.