Why Choose Us


Without a doubt, NSW has some of the best outdoor recreation areas in Australia. You just need to know where to look. Kayaking, Bushwalking, Abseiling whichever experience you choose it will reveal in its unique way something memorable and unusual. Choose us, and you will also have the opportunity to mingle with a large variety of Australian wildlife in their natural habitats.Furthermore, choose us and allow yourself to be challenged by the natural world. We are confident you will discover it is rejuvenating, invigorating, therapeutic and fun all at the same time. Finally, we believe we are market leaders in outdoor experiences. Below are some of the reasons we think this to be so.


First of all, our entire team is passionate about what we do, and this passion shows in everything we do. We want you to feel connected and in love with the Australian outdoors, in the same way, we do. Being committed to our business and the Australian bush means we are continuously striving to improve everything we do.Also, we live where we work and play; and know our area of operation like the back of our hands. We love living here, and want to share the area with you.

 We are committed to the mantra; Outdoor Adventures should be educational, environmentally friendly lots of fun and above all safe.


We aim to always punch above our weight when it comes to responsible and sustainable tourism and best business practices. Meaning we are continually striving for different and innovative ways to minimize our impact, green our operations and contribute to our local communities.Maintaining strong relationships with our corporate partners is important to us.  Communicating about our trips and adhering to use agreements with the NSW National Parks is a standard part of our operations. We hold current land use ECCO permits for everywhere we operate.


When someone really loves food, it shows. Walking Rivers does its best when it comes to food. We include campfire baking and when possible local fruits and veggies.Our guides will cook for you or you can do it yourself.


Our guides and staff are first class; we are all committed and dedicated to ensuring your experience is as memorable and exciting for you as possible. you can take comfort knowing all our guides have formal qualifications above what is required. Additionally, it is mandatory for them to have a current Wilderness First Aid Certificate as well as working with children certificates before commencing work for Walking Rivers. Being in the Australian outdoors professionally is a serious business. However, this does not mean we can’t have fun and excitement with our clients along the way. learn about our guides here


Happy guides and staff are right for everyone. We work with our team to ensure that everyone stays happy and healthy. We are one of very few in the outdoor industry to offer above award rates pay, time off to recover after an extended period in the bush and realistic guiding ratios. We also have an active social network of dinners out together on days off and making sure we have time for fun and relaxation.


We believe that to provide a great outdoors experience it takes more than just technical skills. Our guides all come to Walking Rivers with vast and varied experience, and we help to broaden their experience and knowledge through the implementation of ongoing training. Each month we hold a day-long training session that includes natural and cultural history, interpretation training, as well as workshops on how we can do things better.


We all contribute to Walking Rivers from a pool of different backgrounds, training, and expertise. There is one thing that we do have in common, we all know how to provide a fantastic guided experience for our clients. What do our guides do on their time off?
Many of them go outdoors with their families, many professional guides just can’t get enough time in the bush.


All of our NSW tour departures are guaranteed – if you book with us, you can be confident that your trip will go ahead as planned. We have contingencies in place for inclement weather.


With today’s exchange rates, visitors to Australia enjoy a significant advantage when converting their home currency to Australian Dollars. And for Australians, by exploring your own country you avoid the high costs of travelling overseas. We think our prices are comparative with any other fully guided experiences currently available in the marketplace.