A group of eight students are standing in a semicircle showing happy faces during a Duke Of Ed Adventurous Journeys NSW expedition



Walking Rivers has options for your Duke of Ed Adventurous Journeys. Hike’s near Sydney, Kayaking on the Flat water , or Whitewater paddling.

Our Bronze,Silver and Gold Journeys create opportunities that enhance leadership, teamwork, motivation, communication and confidence for all participants.

Duke Of Edinburgh Adventurous Journeys Overview

Duke of Ed Adventurous Journeys are a key component of all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Each journey you do regardless of level, bronze, silver or gold has three main parts:

  • Training and Preparation
  • Practice Journey 
  • Qualifying Journey

Walking Rivers staff have the qualifications, enthusiasm and commitment to the Duke of Ed Adventurous Journeys ethos across all three parts. More importantly we endeavour always to set the standard by which all the Duke Of Edinburgh Adventurous Journeys can be measured.

Your Journey.

Let us work with you and your team members as both your trainer and mentor to achieve your desired outcome.

All bushwalking and kayak Duke Of Edinburgh Adventurous Journeys Walking Rivers undertakes, require the entire group to complete full training and planning. Furthermore our focus, making sure all participants achieve their awards.



Every one knows bushwalking is considerably more physically demanding than Kayaking however I think it’s infinitely more rewarding.

  • Compass and maps
  • Satellite navigation
  • Emergency and Risk
  • First Aid
  • Weather
  • Camping 
  • Bush survival skills
  • Trip Planning
  • Packing light.
  • Lightweight menu
  • No trace principals
  • Communication

All Duke of Ed Adventurous Journeys completed properly should provide you with bush skills that will stay with you right into adulthood.


A lot of sea kayaks are laid out on the bank getting prepared for the Duke Of Ed Adventurous Journeys NSW kayaking journey.

Time spent on proper Kayak training is time well spent. We will cover everything you need to do the Duke Of Ed Adventurous Journeys.

  • How to Paddle a Kayak
  • What to pack
  • How to pack your Kayak
  • What’s for Dinner
  • Safety equipment
  • First Aid
  • Group Management
  • What to do if you tip over
  • Camping skills
  • Environmental concerns
  • How to not get lost
  • Your qualifying Journey

Don’t worry if it appears boring to you, I would like to assure you it won’t be. Finally let me say while you are learning, you will also be having fun.

What’s Next?

After deciding, I am a kayaker or bushwalker simply click below to get started on your Duke Of Edinburgh journey