Kayak Tips

Kayak Tips.

With a little bit of practice.  Lessons from one of our professional guides and a few  kayak tips, you will be paddling along in no time. A Kayak is a very comfortable boat to paddle and an easy boat to learn to control.

Nearly everyone can enjoy the pleasure a kayak offers, but unfortunately for an unknown reason,Kayaks have managed to gain a misguided reputation. I would like to dispel some of this wrong status on these pages. By doing so, I am hoping to inspire you to join us on one of our excellent Kayaking Adventures.

Our first big Kayak Tip

A Kayak is very safe.When you were young and first learning to ride a bicycle, it possibly seemed or felt like you would never get your balance. It probably felt unsafe, unsteady, and like something you could fall off or crash. Even easily injure yourself. I understand a Kayak will feel similar the first time you try it. However, there is one big difference. In the unlikely event you do fall off, or over, you will not get hurt, all you will get is wet.

The tippy feeling goes away almost the instant the boat starts to move forward. Therefore, your precarious balance will seem like it never existed. With some assistance and tuition from one of our qualified and enthusiastic guides, you will quickly forget what all the fuss was.

In ConclusionKayak Tips make it easy for this man to paddle his Kayak on the river.

To better understand some kayaking myths and answer some of those niggling questions. Below are some links that connect directly to one of our Kayak tips. Please  click on the ones that highlight any problems or concerns you have. You will get an answer that explains it for you.

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