A group of NSW Adventure Program students are standing in a semicircle being briefed on days activities

NSW School Adventure Programs


Let’s see how we can work together to provide your school students with something that’s unique to them and life changing

Firstly, playing games and activities in a static centre-based camp may not provide the outcome you are seeking for your students

Let me say it again:

“If you want a different outcome for your students playing games and activities in a centre-based environment may not be the way to go”.

Secondly, age-appropriate school adventure programs that have a focus around journey’s with training can be far more beneficial for your students

All of Walking Rivers school adventure programs encompass:

  • A journey that provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Opportunities to build resilence
  • Training across a wide variety of subjects
  • A Strong sense of team bonding and working together
  • Fun and excitement
  • Learning to be responsible
  • Environmental care and its importance

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