Abseiler is half way down a massive cliff on the Newcastle Abseiling Adventure



The Newcastle Abseiling  Adventure takes 6 hours & departs from Freemans Waterholes at 8 am 

The total price of only $160 per person  includes a cooked lunch, transportation,  professional guides and abseiling  equipment


We need between 4 and 10 people to run the experience


Why should you abseil with us?

Hundreds of clients and years of accident-free days have given Walking Rivers staff the confidence to say that you will be safe at all times while participating in our Newcastle Abseiling Adventure.

Another important element is that we take seriously the importance of routinely inspecting and replacing the equipment you will be entrusting your life to.

Qualified, NSW National Parks licensed, and fully insured should give you the confidence to say yes;

At least once in my life, I intend to try abseiling:

Our 4 x 4 troop carrier, which, like all NSW buses, is subject to six monthly RMS roadworthiness inspections, is also registered for public transportation.

Included in  Newcastle Abseiling  Adventure :

Our most popular excursion is the six-hour Newcastle Abseiling Adventure. It’s crucial to note that it allows you to test a few of different height cliffs, including a 20-meter drop and a 60-meter giant drop.

It’s also the most cost-effective because the six-hour day includes a prepared lunch.

Training and Instruction:

Point often overlooked, everyone should get comfortable with the equipment and how it feels before stepping over the edge. I’ve never met anyone who finds the idea of stepping off a cliff natural. As a matter of fact, everyone is scared to death the first time. 

So to alleviate some of your fears, we will spend some time putting you onto the rope on the sloping ground first. Doing this will allow you to build confidence and develop the skills required to tackle a shear Drop. 

Final thoughts Newcastle Abseiling Adventure…….

In Summary, it is essential to realize our abseiling days or more than just abseiling. Equally important, they are a chance for you to spend your day in the great Australian bush with friends.
Moreover, all the Watagan National Park abseiling locations are secluded and have spectacular views, which assists in making your day unique as well as memorable.
In conclusion, I’d like to say Walking Rivers guides on the Newcastle Abseiling Adventure or the Lake Macquarie abseiling adventure will do all they can to ensure you have an unrivalled experience.

You will need to bring/wear

Enclosed footwear ( runners, hike boots or similar) no thongs, please.

Comfortable clothing, preferably long pants.

Your Waterbottle 

Sunscreen/sunglasses and a hat 

Your camera


  • Professional,Qualified Guide
  • Morning tea and Lunch
  • Transfers both ways
  • Ropes,Harness, Helmets etc
  • Photo’s of your day


  • Accomadation
  • Flights,Airport Transfers
  • Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Alcoholic or carbonated drinks
  • Personal Items

About our booking system……. 

Firstly, until we reach our minimum number of participants each day, the booking program has been set only to make reservations, not confirmed bookings.  

Secondly, once the minimum number of people for your chosen date is confirmed, the system automatically confirms your booking.

Third and last, the system will ask you to pay on confirmation.

Meeting place……. 

Generally, Newcastle Abseiling Adventure departs from the Freemans Water Holes carpark at 8 am and returns at approx 2.30 pm. 

Please tell us if you are running to a tight schedule at the end of the day; otherwise, we may not be as punctual as you may need. 

Significantly, there is plenty of safe and free parking at Freeman’s Waterholes for your vehicle.   

From time to time, our vehicle may be able to pick people up directly from their accommodation or home, but this is before the 8.00 am start and at a small extra cost. Contact us to arrange. Mobile 0438563307

Another key point, keep your eyes peeled as you return to the clifftop for another abseil. People often see Goannas climbing around the cliffs and in the trees.

To say nothing of your walk back to the cliff top you can explore some caves and study the intricate formations the wind has carved into the rock.

Four new abseilers are watching someone start on the Lake Macquarie Abseiling Adventure
Training on flat ground


We long ago learned it is always better to start people off on flat ground. You get the opportunity doing this to feel how the rope runs through the figure eight and also how much tension needs to be applied

It will make it much easier to take that first step over the edge, when you are familiar with how the equipment operates.

Warm up 20m

20 meter ‘s

After some training on sloping ground you will be ready for our first cliff of the day. Its a shear wall of approx 20 meters. Just enough to get your heart racing but not enough to terrify you, that will come later in the day.

With a comfortable launch area, our first cliff will allow you to build confidence and develop the skills to tackle the Mega Drop. 

60 meter’s down

Mega Drop

After a enjoying a short morning tea break it’s time to tackle the Mega drop, 60 meters of adrenaline-pumping action. The memories of achieving a challenge like the mega wall are both life-changing and lifelong.

The opportunity to explore some caves and study the intricate formations wind has carved into the rock will present itself.