Compass navigation, Topographic Map reading, for both on and off track, is the primary focus of the Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program

The Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program takes one full day. 

The total price of only $160  includes Lunch, Transportation, Maps & Compass, Safety Equipment. 

Private Day $275

In addition, you must be at least 14 years old.


Firstly, Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program will provide you with the navigation skills you need to be able to confidently go into the bush.

That is to say on completion you should be able to either on your own or with a group of friends go out and safely navigate your way home again.

In other words part of being confident in bush navigation, means you will need to know where you are at all times.

Secondly, it’s also important to realise that experience gained on the Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program will enable you to explore many places that are off the beaten tourist track. Hidden places that offer outstanding bush experiences, like our Yengo Bushwalk.

The Newcastle bushwalking Skills Program is open to everyone that wants to get more out of their bush experiences.

Key points Newcastle bushwalking Skills Program

  • Comprehensive navigation training
  • Combine learning with a fun day out
  • Learn bushcraft
  • Learn the right equipment to buy
  • Engaging professional guides
  • Safety equipment included


A short drive south west of Newcastle is the Watagan Forest National Park. Generally speaking the park has an abundance of tracks and unique landscape features for you to practise your navigation skills.

You will be bushwalking and learning by osmosis, in other words actually navigating as we go.

Additionally, as you learn, you will also get to enjoy a day in the Australian bush that rewards with some breathtaking views, as well as some emotional and physical renewal. The day may even inspire you to try our Newcastle Abseiling Day

Our Newcastle bushwalking Skills Program allows plenty of time for you to become fully immersed in all the natural beauty the National Park has to offer.

Furthermore, being only an hour’s drive from the significant city,, Newcastle NSW also adds to the appeal of the Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program.

Key points, about where we go:

  • Close to a major city
  • A large variety of bush features for navigation
  • Great landscape for learning
  • Opportunities for emotional renewal
  • Physical renewal from mild exercise
  • Be at one with nature


Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program is more than just a day in the bush. It is also the feeling of accomplishment and achievement that, for many, is the attraction.

Furthermore, Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program also provides passive exercise, the best kind because you are exercising while doing something fun, rewarding and easy to love.

You will feel your body responding to even the lightest of demands made on it, and through this response know that you are alive.

For others, a highlight is just exploring new area’s where does that track lead, what’s over that hill, does that stream have a waterfall, etc

Whatever your reason, after joining us on a Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program I am confident you will not be disappointed.

Key points, activity highlights

  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • A day of achievements
  • The thrill of discovery
  • Challenging yourself
  • Enjoy some Passive exercise
  • Meet new friends


Our one-day Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program starts from our home base in Newcastle. We can, by arrangement, pick you up from your accommodation or residence.

The Walking Rivers bus travels from Newcastle out through Lake Macquarie and onto our start point.

We are as flexible as possible with our pickups to try and make it easy for you. Talk to us on an individual basis to arrange your pickup point. Of course, we will bring you back to your pick up location when your adventure ends.

Key points, about getting there

  • Convenient departure points
  • Only an hour away
  • Air conditioned comfort
  • Bluetooth your favourite music
  • Enjoy the scenery
  • Let someone else have all the worry


We have to say. When possible, we use locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from our nearby farmer’s markets. Furthermore, we also provide snacks just in case you get hungry while walking along. It is a Walking Rivers policy you will never go hungry, even after a day’s bushwalking in the fresh air.

Key points, about the food

  • special needs food catered for
  • plenty to eat
  • snacks and fruit
  • diverse menu
  • Tea or coffee
  • Tips about cooking in the outdoors


If you are at all nervous about your abilities to undertake the Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program, remember you will not be asked you do anything that is outside of your skills level.

All you need is to be moderately fit and have a yearning for some safe and controlled learning.

Going on a fully guided adventure is very different to going it alone. Being conducted by professional, trained, qualified people allows us to go to many places that would be unthinkable on our own.

Additionally, we consider you to be part of a team overcoming all the challenges the bushwalk throws at us.

Finally, Walking Rivers has Insurance, comprehensive risk management and contingency plans in place. Additionally, safety procedures are in place that ensures you are free to not worry about anything too much other learning and having fun.


  • Professional guiding service
  • Morning tea and Lunch
  • National Park Fees
  • Bus travel both ways
  • Maps, compass and instruction


  • Accommodation
  • Flights, airport transfers
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages
  • Personal items

If you have questions?


WHEN: one day before leaving

WHERE: We will skype, message or telephone you to confirm our time and meeting place and bring you up to date if any changes are happening.

Our telephone call provides you with the opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have about the Newcastle Bushwalking Skills Program

8.00 start

We always aim to gather early to make sure we get the most from our day in the National Park as possible.
Once everyone is on board our vehicle, we will make our way up to the National Park where our adventure begins.

On arrival in the park, we will have morning tea, get issued with a map of the area and then start our navigation. While hiking, you will be involved in many engaging activities centered around bush skills and navigation. Additionally, you will experience the breathtaking views of the area.

12.00 Mid-day.
Will see us arriving at a fantastic hidden place in the bush for our lunch break that will not disappoint.

After our lunch and after exploring the lunch area we will be back onto our walking track for an afternoon of exploring and more bush skills.

Now its back in the 4 x 4 for heading home, tired but feeling well rewarded for our efforts.
Its a time to reflect on the day and share stories from the days’ adventure or to discuss some of the navigation skills that you will have learned through the day. You can return to our home page here if you would like to see other adventures we offer.


We endeavour all our tours to Newcastle between 4 and 5 pm, however, due to the number of variables in wilderness travel we recommend that you don’t plan any critical appointments that rely on us being back at this time. Fixed times and dates can cause unnecessarily stressful complications should our return be delayed by something out of our control. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your travel plans in more detail.