Company Profile

Business information.

Name:…….. Walking Rivers Pty Ltd

Address: ……. Unit 5, 72 Georgetown Rd, Georgetown NSW 2298, Australia

Email ………. [email protected]

Telephone.. +61 438563307

General Business Activities

Walking Rivers Pty Ltd is a well-established Australian company dedicated to providing small groups of inbound tourists, exchange students, Duke of Education participants, and members of the general public the opportunity to participate in fully guided NSW National Park Experiences.
Licensed to operate inside the boundaries of five National Parks as well as approvals for conducting offshore sea kayaking expeditions ensures the company has the opportunity for continued expansion.

Company Strategy


To be a leader in the outdoor recreation industry by providing enhanced outdoor experiences, relationships and opportunity.


To provide unique quality experiences that exceeds the expectations of our valued customers.

Mission Statement

To create trust with our customers by providing exceptional customer service and experiences. Furthermore, by pursuing business through innovation and advanced digital technology.

Core Values

Our primary focus is to treat our customers with respect in all aspects of their dealings with us. Above all we recognise Walking Rivers will only grow with us exercising creativity, imagination and innovation.•

We aim to adopt honesty, integrity and business ethics into all areas of our business.


  • Firstly, regional expansion through inbound tourism.
  • Secondly, increase company assets and investments to support the development of services.
  • Thirdly, build an excellent reputation in the area of outdoor recreation and tourism services
  • And finally, become a key player in the outdoor recreation industry.

Scope of operations

Walking Rivers conducts activities in three disciplines, Kayaking, bushwalking and Abseiling. For instance, we provide one-day experiences and multi-day Tours.

Additionally we take a turnkey approach to all our adventure activities, which is why we believe customers should choose us.

We are providing the client with transport, equipment, food, safety, emergency response and friendly professional fully trained guides.

Financial Considerations

Walking Rivers Pty Ltd expects to achieve the desired profits by the end of the two thousand and twenty fiscal years and does not anticipate any cash flow trouble.
More importantly we anticipate that the average profitability per quarter for the first three years will be sufficient.

It’s also important to note there are no borrowings from external sources.

In conclusion most of the company’s liabilities come from startup management investment.

Finally, if you need to read more about Walking Rivers Pty Ltd please follow the link back to about us.

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