A group of boys are hiking through dense bush during the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Bushwalking Award Journey


Join us for your, Duke of Ed, Bronze Bushwalking Award Journey from any award unit.

Seperate Journeys, Practise & Qualifying or Combined

All the Duke of Edinburgh’s adventurous journey’s require a minimum of four students per group.On your own? Register, & we’ll try getting a group for you.

A Bronze Bushwalking Award Journey thats right for you

What we think your journey should be

The first thing to remember is that all Walking Rivers Bronze Bushwalking Award journeys are meant to be fun and a little bit difficult.

Your Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Bushwalking Award journey needs to be special and memorable. Bronze Award Bushwalkers should be able to go to some of the parts of Australia that are the most remote, challenging, and beautiful.

Getting a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Bushwalking Award is something we’re very excited about. Through this experience, you’ll learn a lot about the outdoors.

During your time in the Australian bush, you’ll have the chance to build your confidence and learn essential life skills. You’ll also learn about the natural world, different plant and animal species, weather patterns, and how to be a leader.

Key points, Bronze Award Journey should be:

  • Most important “fun and exciting”
  • To be honest, it will be a little bit hard.
  • You will learn a lot of great skills.
  • Go to sleep hearing natural sounds
  • It should make you want more

A Bronze Bushwalking Award Journey has a lot to offer

We have been told that there is a lot of pride in getting a Bronze Bushwalking Award.

Bronze Award Bushwalkers demonstrate a lot of courage, endurance, and strength in their bodies and minds. The feelings you experience and the memories you create while being in nature, away from the crowds, can’t be matched.

There is many things about being a Bronze Bushwalker, that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Key points, what’s on offer

  • Be proud of doing something well.
  • Build up your physical strength.
  • Time in nature will make you happy
  • Create lifetime memories with your friends
  • You will have earned the award

Activity highlights you will enjoy

People worldwide love the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award because it helps them grow as people.

As you move through the Bronze Bushwalking Award experience, you’ll have more and more fun in the great outdoors. You’ll be able to try out cooking your own food, making your own fire, and sleeping under the stars while you’re on your journey.

Not to mention that while on your trip, you’ll also learn about the thrill of working with a group and the satisfaction of setting and meeting goals.

Explore the world around you and see how exciting the next part of your journey will be!

Key points, activity highlights

  • Choose your own food
  • Cook on a fire
  • Sleep in a tent
  • Be away from home
  • Meet new people

About yourself & the Bronze Bushwalking Award Journey

Firstly, you must be at least 14 years old and realise that completing the three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award will require hard work, self-discipline, and perseverance.

Along the road, you’ll meet some fantastic new friends who will be working just as hard and with the same dedication as you. It’s not simple, but the benefits are definitely worth the effort. You get to show everyone, including yourself, that you are capable of completing a challenge and that you are capable of accomplishing more than you ever imagined.

Secondly, you’ll also need to be able to carry all of your camping gear and water and food in your backpack and hike to your campsite each day.

Finally, we feel honored to join you in your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award experience and hope you will continue with your Silver and Gold Journeys.

Ultimately getting your Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award should be your goal. However before you get that you will also need to complete your Silver and Gold Awards. Read more general information on our Duke of Ed Adventurous Journeys NSW page if you want to learn more.

Finally, undecided on bushwalking you my like to consider kayaking instead . You can read all about our kayak journey’s here.

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Tasks prior to the trip

The first step to complete your Bronze Bushwalking Award Journey is registration. Once the registration arrives at our office, your information will subsequently be placed into our system. Following this, your parents will then be sent a digital waiver form, which they must fill out and return.

Equally important, you will receive an email with instructions on preparing for your trip.

Some of these preparations may include, for instance, buying and preparing your equipment. Additionally, producing a gear list and a menu for us to review is essential. Furthermore, you may also be asked if, by any chance, any friends might want to join you on your journey.

Just as important will be learning what is required when writing your field notes. This is all part of your Bronze Bushwalking Award Journey planning, and you must complete it.

The start of your Bronze Bushwalking Award Journey

Significantly, We have a choice of several different National parks for the Bronze Hike. You can choose which area you want to explore. Below is a a few links to some of the parks we hike in. If you are looking for a hike close to Sydney, done entirely using public transport, we can provide this.

Dharug National Park, Watagan’s National Park, or Barrington Tops National Park.

Post covid the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Bushwalking Award journey has returned to two different weekends. That is to say, Training and Practice is one weekend followed by a Qualifying weekend.

Your parents can drive you to the start point. Alternatively, some of our hikes leave from and return to railway stations.

The fun part hiking and camping

First and foremost, our Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Bushwalking Award journey means that you, along with a minimum of three other hikers, will walk together, talking, making friends, and exploring nature.

In addition, you will also be learning compass & map reading. All necessary navigation skills.

Crossing streams, climbing hills, seeing wildlife, being at one with nature, and sharing different experiences with your friends will all be part of your reward for stepping out and making the Journey.

After a full day of hiking, it will be fun to choose your campsite, set up your tent, and make your own dinner.

Lastly, one of the best things you can do is sit around a camp fire you’ve started with your friends and enjoy the night.

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