A group of students are being photographed with packs on at the start of the Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait epic hike and paddle.



Twenty life changing days

An epic journey taking your team from the 24th November until the 15th December 2023 to complete.

*note Dates can be flexible to suit requirements

 Total price only $3750  includes all food, camp equipment, rafts & guides, and safety equipment. 

 You must be at least 15 years old.

Leaving the ski resort town of Thredbo you will make your way via chairlift & a short hike to the top of Mount Kosciuszko

Stage one is the hike from the Kosciuszko Mountain top to the Snowy River 90 kilometres away.

Stage two raft your way down 175 Kilometres and hundred and fifty rapids on the Snowy River


Transition between years 10 &11 or 11 & 12 should be:

In every aspect extraordinary and formative

Something you can look forward to with excitement. Guaranteed with our Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait.

Heaps of fun and a real test of your physical mettle, tough but achievable.

Providing a sense of accomplishment as well as a journey to be proud of completing.

We want you to have an unforgettable experience, and the Mount Kosciuszko To Bass Strait adventure always delivers on this point.

Finally, we can’t wait to meet you and assist you to get started on your adventure of a lifetime.

Key points,Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait will be:

  • Most crucially, “interesting and entertaining”
  • I’ll be honest and say “it won’t be easy
  • You will learn a variety of useful skills.
  • Sleep soundly, exhausted but satisfied
  • Wake up energised and eager for new challenges.

Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait has a lot to offer:

The Mount Kosciuszko To Bass Strait adventure offers the opportunity for people to build on their resilience, confidence, self-awareness, empathy and will help with developing a proper growth mindset.

The same attributes that you will need for Year Twelve and beyond

Let us guide you and prepare you by strengthening all of these attributes, so you are ready for the Snowy Adventure, Year Twelve and the rest of your life.

People worldwide love the Mount Kosciuszko To Bass Strait adventure because it helps them grow as people.

Its hard to define but once you have completed the Kosciuszko to Coast, the sense of acheivement and pride in a job well done will remain with you for years.

Key points, what’s on offer

  • Build your Resilience
  • Strengthen your Confidence
  • Become more Self Aware
  • Develop your Growth Mindset
  • Lastly embrace your Empathy

Some Journey highlights you will enjoy:

The alpine region of Kosciuszko National Park and the surrounding Snowy Mountains will be laid out before you in breathtaking detail as you stand on top of Mount Kosciuszko.

Additionally, wilderness campsites will allow you to see the star-studded night sky as you leave the summit and make your way to the coast.

Another exciting experience and one of the best parts of camping is eating food you cooked over an open fire.

We make an effort to cook together. Our camp fire undoubtedly helps everyone feel more connected to nature.Last but not least, it offers people the chance to prepare delicious meals with the help the groups guide.

For expedition travel and collaboration, teamwork is crucial. An authentic journey, such as Mount Kosciosko to Coast, will inevitably promote a rich setting for greater conversation and connection.

When people work together, they each bring their skills and strengths to the table. Cooperation also makes it easier for people to talk to each other and work together. Therefore, creating an environment where team members can trust each other and work towards a common goal.

Key points, Journey Highlights

  • Summit Mount Kosciuszko
  • Wilderness camping
  • See star filled skies
  • New friendships with team members
  • Open Fire cooking

About yourself & the Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait Journey:

To begin with, you need to be at least 15 years old and have the wisdom to know that the Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait journey is not to be undertaken lightly.

Second, you must be able to load up your daily necessities (including food, water, and camping equipment) into a backpack and hike to your campground.

Third ,you must be able to load up your daily necessities (including food, water, and camping equipment) into a raft and with a partner paddle to  to your campground on the riverbank.

We will teach you all you need to know about both hiking and the rafting.

Having the opportunity to provide you with the Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait tour is an honour, and we are confident that the lessons you take away will serve you well throughout your life’s journey.

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Getting Started

Firstly, if you and any of your friends want to go on the Mount Kosciusko to Bass Strait adventure, you need to click the “Register” button above and complete the form. After the form gets to our office, we will send a digital indemnity form to your parents to complete.
Finally, you’ll get an email with directions on everything you need to prepare for your adventure. Beginning your Mount Kosciuszko to Coast adventure:

We recommend to go in a coach from home to the Kosciuszko to Coast start campground Ngarigo.

While we can help with the planning, your school or your group of friends will be responsible for making all decisions on the coach’s hiring, scheduling, and other details.
Another option is for parents to drive to Ngarigo, the starting campsite, which is around 10 kilometres from Thredbo village.

The first part, hiking and camping:

Firstly, we will team you up with nine other hikers and your group’s adventure guide on your first hiking day.

You will remain with your team for your entire Journey to the coast.

Next will be a transfer to the bottom of the Kosciuszko chairlift in the Walking Rivers Troop Carrier.

You have now finished with vehicle travel for the next twenty days. Your trek from Kosciuszko to Bass Strait has begun in earnest.

You will spend the following six days walking with your guide and friends.

Learning fascinating things about nature while conversing with your team mates and having fun will be a key part of your day.

Additionally, you will always be following a map and learning to figure out where you are.

Crossing streams, climbing hills, seeing wildlife, connecting with nature, and sharing different experiences with your friends will all be part of your reward for stepping out and making the Journey.

Lastly, sitting beside your campfire is one of the best things you can do at night.

Remember the marshmallows.

You deserve a rest day before Rafting:

You won’t be hiking or rafting on day eight, our relaxation day. But that does not signify that you are doing nothing. Consider this day more a transition day, going from hiking to rafting, than a day to sleep.

During the day, you and your team will spend time getting ready to tackle the next thrilling adventure of rafting down the legendary Snowy River. You will be helping to inflate the rafts, sorting the food and packing everything we need for eleven days in the Snowy Wilderness.

There will be plenty of time for swimming and other enjoyable activities, so don’t worry. It’s not all work and no play.

Rafting and beach camping: a next level of joy:

The following eleven days are your group’s chance to experience river life in its purest form.

On the Snowy River component of your  journey from Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait, you’ll spend your days rafting between towering rock cliffs, navigating around hundreds of rocky obstacles, and conquering roaring rapids.

If you are keen to learn more about the river component of your journey why not read about our Snowy River Adventure Tour by following the link.

Your final destination:

At long last, on the nineteenth day of our Journey, we will paddle our rafts into the little coastal community of Marlo.Situated near the beach, Marlo is opposite where the Snowy River and the Bass Strait meet.

Everyone must pitch in and help load up the equipment before we head home.Importantly, we must ensure that everything is clean and dry before storing it. Mould and mildew may be prevented from growing on stored equipment if it is dry and clean.

When saying goodbye to your new friends, sharing contact information is usually a good idea—enabling you to stay in touch and continue your connection beyond the trip.

Lastly, when you get on the bus to head back home, take some time to think back on the fantastic memories you’ve made. Keeping a travel journal or making a scrapbook with photographs and mementoes are both great ways to remember your adventures for years to come.

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A group of hikers are walking up a steep hill in snow on the Mount Kosciuszko to Bass Strait

Mount Kosciuszko to the Coast or bust