A view of mountains and a valley showing where the Snowy River Kayak Adventure is paddled


Anyone can join our Snowy River Kayak Adventure and learn kayaking whitewater skills. While having an awesome time amidst stunning scenery

The Snowy River Kayak Adventure takes six days. 

The total price of only $1419  includes all food, transportation, kayaks, professional guides, and safety equipment. 

In addition, you must be at least 15 years old.

Prefer to phone , mobile 0438563307


Take in the sights and sounds off the magnificent Snowy River

Join us for a fun and thrilling paddling adventure on the famed Snowy River in a whitewater kayak. Uniquely, we supply all instruction, Kayaks, camping gear, and food for your fantastic Snowy River Kayak Adventure.

The following information will be helpful to you as you contemplate joining us on the Snowy River Kayak Adventure.

We don’t utilise rafts on our Snowy River Kayak Experience; instead, we paddle in kayaks.

One person, one Kayak is what we advocate for. Our team will give you all the necessary equipment and instruction so that you may have an unforgettable kayaking adventure.

Key points to consider

  • No shared rafts or canoes
  • Only single person kayaks
  • All camp equipment included
  • Comprehensive training included
  • Delicious food included
  • Transfers to the river included

Why do we enjoy our Snowy River Kayak Adventure so much

The Snowy River Kayak Adventure is what it sounds like: a true adventure.

It has become one of our favourite experiences since it is known for providing surprise and thrill around every curve in the river.

We have even made a twenty day program for schools we love the area so much , you can read about it here.

Because of the area’s remoteness, there is no other way to see this national park region but via Kayak.

Paddling through the steep-sided rocky gorges and being a part of the ancient landscape is one of our favourite things to do. Above all, there is no other area in Australia that has spawned as many legends as the Snowy River.

We also know you’ll enjoy viewing some of the abundant species that inhabit the river corridor. Frequently, many of Australia’s native animals may be seen up close and personal at our secluded sandy riverfront campsites.

Our Snowy River Kayak Adventure allows you to fully immerse yourself in all of the river’s natural splendour.

Activity highlights you will enjoy

Firstly, there is the opportunity for you to guide your Kayak down more than fifty easy to paddle river rapids.

Rapids offer fun, excitement and for a lot of people, a challenge that is out of there comfort zone but with some training, they soon to learn to relax and enjoy the experience.

Secondly, while we are talking about the rapids, another highlight of this adventure is swimming down selected safe rapids. It is an excellent fun way to cool off and relax at the same time.

In general, there is the option of leaping and diving from numerous rocks. Alternatively, you might relax in one of the slow-moving crystal clear water pools.
Finally, opportunities for anybody with a passion for photography are incredible.

Key points, activity highlights

  • Over fifty exciting rapids
  • Numerous fun challenges
  • Swimming in the whitewater
  • Jump and diving off rock cliffs
  • Camping in true wilderness
  • incredible photography opportunities

Additional information about the wildlife

The river corridor has a diverse and plentiful animal population.

The Snowy River’s pristine water quality provides an excellent habitat for a diversity of animals.

You’ll witness platypus, river dragons, a variety of birds, and the odd river brumby (Wild Horse) drinking from the river.

Notably, we have frequently seen Emu and kangaroos within metres of our campsites.

Key points, about the wildlife

  • Regularly see brumbies
  • Abundant and varied wildlife
  • Emu
  • Platypus
  • Kangaroo
  • Brumbies

Snowy River Kayak Adventure Camping

The Snowy River Kayak Adventure is a traditional adventure-style kayak trek down a river. Furthermore, it’s ideal for individuals who have never paddled before.

Because all of our camping gear and food must fit inside the Kayaks, we are limited in what we can bring.However, we believe the boats have adequate space for us to bring everything we want for a comfortable trip.

We eat mostly vegetarian or comparable foods since we don’t have access to refrigerators.But don’t be put off by this; we specialise in preparing delicious cuisine in isolated locations.

Each night, we camp by the river in a new area.As a result, we must set up and break down our camp daily.

Key points, about our camping

  • Camp right beside the river
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Relaxing environments
  • Go to sleep hearing natural sounds
  • Diverse Menu

About yourself

If you’re worried about your ability to do something like the Snowy River Kayak Adventure, know that our expert river guides will teach you how to navigate all of the rapids with ease. Alternatively you could start with a smaller adventure our Barrington river weekend.

All you need is a reasonable fitness level and a desire for adventure.

Going on a fully guided expedition versus going alone is a huge difference.

Because our tours are led by experienced, skilled, and certified persons, we can visit numerous areas that we would not be able to see on our own.
Furthermore, we consider you a member of a team helping us conquer all of the obstacles that the river throws our way.

You should be aware of this

Walking Rivers has rigorus risk management and contingency plans in place, as well as safety protocols so you won’t have to worry about anything except having a good time.

In the unlikely event your booking can not proceed on the Snowy River, we have a fall back option of paddling the Nymboida River. Both river trips are for the same duration.

We don’t include

  • Accommodation Before or after the kayak portion of the trip
  • Flights, airport transfers, ferry’s, taxi’s, Uber’s
  • Travel/Medical insurance
  • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages
  • Personal items (toiletries clothing etc)
  • Sleeping bag liner


Tasks prior to the trip

Roughly one week before departure

First, we make a brief phone call to everyone who has reserved the Snowy River Kayak Adventure with us.
Your guide will go over the expedition’s logistics and any other pertinent information after the introductions.

Second, during the call, we’ll be able to address any worries or inquiries you might have regarding your trip.

Thirdly, we’ll review any last-minute changes and confirm everyone’s pick-up and departure times.

Lastly, we’ll email you a list of things to bring. You may also get the list on the website by clicking here.

Day one, is a driving day for Snowy River Kayak Adventure

First and foremost, we recognise that we must remain adaptable when conducting our Snowy River Kayak Adventure.

With this in mind, we recognise that you may be flying in from another city and we are picking you up from an airport. Alternatively, you may be travelling with us in our vehicle from Newcastle, Sydney, or Canberra. As a result, on our first day, we will adjust our meeting and pick-up times to ensure that we arrive at the first campsite by midday or shortly after.

Another key point, It will be time for your guides to disappear for a while after they have given you your camping supplies and set up our camp.
The vehicles need to be shuttled down the river in readiness for your arrival by kayak the next day.

When the guides return, they will prepare a delicious evening dinner for you and entertain you with river stories in preparation for the first day of paddling the next day.

Day two, the first paddling day

Rise and shine, and prepare for a day of fun and civilised adventure. 

We start the day with breakfast. 

Following that, we pack up the campsite and prepare to head out on the water. However, before we board the kayaks, we will conduct ground training to ensure everyone understands what is expected. 

Finally, once on the water and in the kayaks, we teach you the skills you’ll need to paddle the Snowy River Kayak Adventure. People who have been kayaking for a long time, in particular, can use this time to review their skills. People who are just getting started can see how simple Kayaking is.

Day three, you are starting to get the idea

If you require assistance, the guides are always available. 

Nonetheless, following yesterday’s instructions, you will do almost everything independently. 

You get to choose where you want to paddle. Within the Snowy River Kayaking experience, each rapid becomes its own personal adventure.You will decide on a course to paddle down through the rocks and carry it out.  It’s easy to tell if you’ve done it correctly because you’ll make it down the rapid without incident. Otherwise, you risk falling out of the kayak and ending up wet. 

You may expect to paddle around 15 kilometres each day, for a total of 65 kilometres over the course of the trip. It is a distance that provides ample opportunity to linger, relax, and reacquaint oneself with the natural world.

Day four, you are starting a routine

Wake up whenever you want. Some people like to get up early, while others like to sleep in. It’s your vacation, and we want the day to fit you as much as possible. We are not running according to a strict schedule.

You will have the opportunity today to explore the famous Mckillops Bridge one of Australia’s iconic bridges with quite a bit of history.

 Day five, sadly our last paddling day

Notably, even with your help, we need the entire afternoon to get the boats and equipment back onto the trailer. For this reason, we aim to reach Little River Junction, our final kayaking stop, by midday.
It can be a difficult 4 X 4 driving climb up from the river to the main road that leads back to where we started our kayak adventure.
To elaborate, even once we travel on the main road, it still takes a long time because we are driving on a winding gravel road.
To clarify, we spend another night camping somewhere along the river.
The extra night’s sleep means we won’t be tired on the way home, which is an important safety consideration.

Day six, driving home day


Our approximate return time to Newcastle is between 5 -7 pm, however, due to the number of variables in wilderness travel we recommend that you don’t plan any critical appointments that rely on us being back at this time. Fixed times and dates can cause unnecessarily stressful complications should our return be delayed by something out of our control. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your travel plans in more detail. We can pick you up or drop you off at the Airport or from your house.