Two Kayaker are paddling across the lake during the Silver Kayaking Award Journey


We want you to continue with your Duke of Ed Award. We have made our Silver Kayaking Award Journey as easy as possible & lots of fun

Practise or Qualifying 

Regardless of level, all Duke of Edinburgh journey’s requires a minimum number of four students per group. If you are on your own still register with us and we will endeavour to create a group of four to make your journey happen.

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About our Silver Kayaking Award Journey

A Silver Kayaking Award Journey should allow you to develop further the kayaking skills you learned on your Bronze Journey. It should also teach you more advanced skills to prepare you for your Gold Journey, which we hope you will complete eventually.
Equally important, we want it to be exciting and fun, as are all Walking Rivers Duke of Edinburgh Journeys.

Key points, Silver Kayaking Award

  • Very important “fun and exciting”
  • Sometimes it will be hard going
  • We hope its very rewarding
  • Wake up to birdsong & natural sounds
  • It should reconnect you with nature

A Silver Kayaking Award Journey and learning

Significantly, most of your programme will be a listen-and-learn approach rather than requiring you to take extensive written notes. However, we ask that you bring a notebook and pen to take field notes regarding your daily schedule. These notes will come in handy when it comes time to compose your journal.

We are not “just going camping.”

Let me repeat that “You are not just going camping”

Our proven training will empower you to develop and discover resilience within yourself; that you may not know existed.
Our qualified professional guides are working out of a written training manual, thus eliminating ad hoc subjects and misinformation.

To clarify, by the time you have completed your Silver Kayaking Award you will have been given an introduction to the following list of subjects:

  • Understanding the journey planned
  • Observation and recording skills
  • First Aid and emergency response
  • Camp-craft/ Accommodation and Hygiene
  • Meals and meal planning
  • Leadership, problem solving & teamwork
  • Safety and safe practise
  • Environmental awareness & care
  • Navigation/map work

Your Silver Kayaking Award Journey Equipment & Food

For your comfort as well as ensuring you have a successful silver kayaking award journey, the right camping equipment is essential.

Remember you have to fit everything into a small space in your kayak.  

A big heavy steel chair and esky may not be a good idea. Keeping weight to a minimum should be your priority.

Let me repeat that:

Keeping everything as small as possible should be your priority.

Not sure if some of your equipment is right for the job? Just call us for clarification. 

Weight is not as critical in a kayak like it is in say your bronze, silver or gold bushwalking journeys, where everything is in a backpack

You need to bring what you like to eat. You will be deciding your menu, supplying and eventually preparing all of your meals.
It’s a good practice to also allow for one extra day of emergency rations.
To assist you with planning, we will send out some meal ideas.

Key points, activity highlights

  • Choose your own food
  • Cook on a fire
  • Sleep in a tent
  • Be away from home
  • Meet new people

Award Leader Consent & the Silver Kayaking Award Journey

Lastly, don’t forget to check in with your award leader before arriving for your Silver Kayaking Journey. You will need the approval for the Adventurous Journey you have chosen via the online record book.
Duke of Edinburgh International Award is strict about everyone complying with this.
Your assessor details are:

Assessor: Ivan Macfadyen

Organisation: Walking Rivers Pty Ltd

Phone Ivan: 0438563307

Email: [email protected]

We will sign off on your Adventurous Journey when we get the request from the online record book.

If you have questions about doing a Silver Kayaking Award Journey


Tasks prior to the trip:

To complete your Silver Kayaking Award Journey, you register for the programme using the button above. We will enter your data into our system after we get the registration. Your parents will next be asked to complete and submit an electronic indemnity form.

The steps you need to take to be ready to go on the Silver Kayaking Award Journey include finding and prepping your gear, making a list of what you’ll need to bring, and even creating a menu.
You may also be asked if any friends might want to join you on your Journey.

We can combine both Training & Qualifying into one five day camp:

Travelling to the start:

1. Parents drive their you and your friends to the start point, on day of program commencement. Arriving 9am.

2.By individual arrangement everyone meets at a train station and boards the Walking Rivers vehicle for transfer to start point.

3.If enough participants the Walking Rivers Troopcarrier can pick up in Sydney at a school for a small charge

Training and Practice, 2 days & 2 nights:

Kayaking and camping can be an amazing outdoor adventure that allows you to explore natural environments while getting some exercise and relaxing. However, training to achieve the appropriate skill level is required first. 

Rescue procedures must be a priority in your training and practise in case another kayaker rolls their boat and they end up in the water.

Additionally, packing a kayak, paddle strokes and getting into and out of the kayak are just a few more of the skills we will teach you as part of the Training and Practice component of the Silver Kayaking Award Journey

Qualifying Journey

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