A person is paddling a Kayak down a small whitewater rapid at the start of the Barrington River Kayak Adventure


The Barrington River Kayak Adventure is a chance to learn whitewater kayaking skills, camp and have heaps of paddling fun

The Barrington River Kayak Adventure takes two nights and two days & needs a minimum of five people to run 

The total price for two nights & two days is only $528 per person includes all food, transportation, kayaks, guides & camping equipment. 

In addition, you must be at least 14 years old.

Prefer to phone , mobile 0438563307


The Barrington River Kayak Adventure is a two-day trip where you can learn how to kayak whitewater and have a lot of fun paddling one of our single-person Kayaks.

That means we give each person a Kayak and all the training they need to paddle it well on whitewater.

We hope our training will give you the courage to paddle our longer Snowy River Adventure or the Nymboida River one day.

Our kayaks are not inflatables; they are real boats for going down rivers. We make sure you have everything you need for a great Barrington River Kayaking Adventure, including transportation, food, training, and gear.

Key points to consider

  • No shared rafts or canoes
  • Only single person kayaks
  • All camp equipment included
  • Comprehensive training included
  • Delicious food included
  • Transfers to the river included

Why we enjoy our Barrington River Kayak Adventure

Walking Rivers, Barrington River Kayak Adventure is a great way for you and your friends, no matter how good you are at paddling, to enjoy paddling down a beautiful river.

As you paddle along, you’ll notice that the river bank, or “riparian zone,” has a lot of old bottlebrush trees and casuarinas that birds and other small animals use as homes.

Additionally, the two-day Barrington River Kayak Adventure is a great way to get away for relaxation. The weekend also gives you much time to enjoy the river’s natural beauty.

The fact that Newcastle, NSW, is only a couple of hours’ drive north of a big city adds to the adventure’s appeal.

Barrington River Kayak Adventure highlights

Another feature of your two-day Barrington River kayaking trip will be learning and practising all the skills you’ll need to safely paddle the lower and middle parts of the river.

Initially, you might approach each whitewater rapid with fear, but once you get through it, you’ll be happy to have made it through its boiling waters.

Finally, sitting around the campfire at night and telling stories about paddling during the day while slowly cooking marshmallows will make you feel totally relaxed.

When you finally get to your tent after a long but satisfying day, you’ll feel like you’re in another world.

Key points to consider

  • Excellent learning environment
  • Numerous fun challenges
  • Swimming in the whitewater
  • Jump and diving off rock cliffs
  • Camping next to the river
  • incredible photography opportunities

Additional information about the wildlife

Wildlife in the river corridor is varied and abundant.

Many areas that the river flows through are essential because they are known as important bird sites.

Australia has a total of 314 Important Bird Areas (IBAs). Areas that are considered necessary for bird protection on a global scale and are home to key bird species.

Primary goal of the Barrington area IBA is to protect birds that live in the rainforest.

As you float along, keep an eye out for Azure Kingfishers, King Parrots, Black Cockatoos, Rosellas, and Blue Wrens, to name a few of the different species you might see.

Key points, about the wildlife

  • Home to a large variety of bird life
  • Journey through a rewarding environment
  • Excellent photography opportunities
  • Surprise encounters with natures wildlife

Barrington River Kayak Adventure Camping

Fortunately there is no need to restrict the amount of camping gear on our Barrington weekend.

Unlike some of our longer trips, where we carry everything with us in the Kayaks, on our Barrington trips we set up a base camp by the river and try to have as many home comforts as possible.

We don’t have freezers, so we eat mostly veggie food. But don’t let this deter you; we know how to make tasty food in faraway places.

Key points, about our camping

  • Camp right beside the river
  • We supply all camping equipment
  • Relaxing environments
  • Go to sleep hearing natural sounds
  • Diverse Menu
  • We supply all your food in camp

About our kayaks

Custom-designed kayaks for making river trips like the Barrington River Kayak Adventure. They are easy to paddle, stable, light, respond well to turns, and are a great kayak to learn how to paddle rapids.

Importantly, the kayaks are a balance between a short whitewater boat and a sea kayak. They are longer than a short whitewater boat but shorter than a sea kayak. This is because, besides being very manoeuvrable in the rapids, they also need to be good on the flat water parts of the river.

Key points, about our Kayaks

  • Unique river touring design
  • Inbuilt permanent floatation
  • Responsive and easy to paddle
  • Fast through the water
  • Can carry large amounts of gear
  • Relatively stable and safe

You should be aware of this

Walking Rivers has strict risk management and backup plans, as well as safety rules, so all you have to worry about is having a good time.

In the unlikely event your booking cannot proceed on the dates you have chosen , we will set new dates or refund your money in line with our policies outlined on our indemnity form.

We don’t include

  • Accommodation Before or after the kayak portion of the trip
  • Flights, airport transfers, ferry’s, taxi’s, Uber’s
  • Travel/Medical insurance
  • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages
  • Personal items (toiletries clothing etc)
  • Sleeping bag liner


Tasks prior to the trip

In an email, you will receive a list of things to pack.

Then roughly one week before departure:

First, we make a brief phone call to everyone who has reserved the Barrington River Kayak Adventure with us.

Second,after the introductions, your guide will ensure we are all on the same page and cover any important last-minute information.

Thirdly, we’ll review and confirm everyone’s pick-up and departure times.

Driving to the Barrington River Kayak Adventure start

We leave our home base in Newcastle and head north on the Pacific Highway. Then, we turn off towards Gloucester and our camping spot by the river. (approximately two hours drive ).

Our vehicle can pick you up at one of the places we’ve set up to meet along the way and drop you off at the same place. We are open with our pickup times to make things easy for you.

Talk to us one-on-one to set up where you’ll be picked up. You can also drive up in your own car if you want to.

Key points, about getting there:

  • Only 2 hours drive north of the Newcastle
  • Convenient departure points
  • Regular coffee breaks to break the journey
  • Meet new like minded people
  • Blue tooth music

Departure day/night…….you decide.

Because we have a full training and paddling schedule, we prefer to go the night before.

On arrival at camp we have a campfire dinner, which we try and time it to coincide with everyone’s arrival.

Going the night before means sometimes we set up in the dark or with the vehicle lights but it gives us the advantage of heaps more time on the river.

On arrival at our destination, we set up our tents beside the river on the Barrington reserve, Have dinner and generally, get prepared for another short bus journey up to Rocky Crossing the following morning

Day one, the first paddling day

Rise and shine, and prepare for a day of fun and adventure.

For people who have never kayaked, the lower part from Rocky Crossing to the Barrington Reserve is a great place to start.

Today, you will learn how to paddle on flat water and get a taste of paddling in whitewater. This part of the river gives you plenty of chances to do both.

The paddling distance to camp is approximately 11 kilometres and even with time spent on training it can be paddled comfortably in the afternoon.

Finally, after a full day paddling on the river we usually go to a local hotel for dinner and a beer. It is an additional cost for your meal .

Day two, you are starting to get the idea

Firstly we have a hearty breakfast after that its back into our vehicle for a short drive to our second day’s launch site at a place called Bindera. Today’s paddle is from Bindera down the river to Rocky Crossing.

The river now has a few grade-two rapids, which can be challenging for new paddlers.

If you require help, the guides are always available. However, by now, you should be doing everything independently. 

You get to choose the course around obstacles you want to paddle. 

Within the Barrington River Kayaking experience, each rapid becomes your own personal adventure.

Significantly, you will choose a way to paddle through the rocks and follow it. You can go down the rapid without problems if you’ve done it right. You could fall out of the boat and get wet if you don’t.

Heading home

Upon arrival at Rocky Crossing, after reloading the kayaks onto the trailer, its back into the vehicle for a thirty-minute drive back to camp. At camp, after packing everything, we will board the Troopy for our final journey back home to our everyday reality.

Our approximate return arrival time in Newcastle is between 5 -7 pm.

However, due to the number of variables in wilderness travel we recommend that you don’t plan any critical appointments that rely on us being back at this time.

Fixed times and dates can cause unnecessarily stressful complications should our return be delayed by something out of our control.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your travel plans in more detail.