For a hard Core Peak Adventure Experience

Join a group for a Kayak Port Stephens Adventure weekend and explore the only island in NSW that allows camping

The Kayak Port Stephens Broughton Island Adventure is two nights, three days. 

 Priced only $990  includes all food, transportation, kayaks, professional guides, and safety equipment. 

Finally you need to be at least 15 years old.

We will run with any number of people up to ten. Price is based on ten people regardless of number of participants.

Prefer to phone , mobile 0438563307


Never before have you seen the Australian coastline like this

Walking Rivers has put together a two-day kayaking and two-night camping trip to Broughton Island that is great for anyone who wants to get away.

Uniquely, Port Stephens  Broughton Island, off the coast of NSW, is camping-friendly.

That is to say, on the Island, you can go kayaking, explore the wildlife, swim, and camp, among other great things.

Key points to consider

  • All kayaks and equipment included
  • Comprehensive training included
  • All camp equipment included
  • Delicious food included
  • Transfers to the National Park included

Why do we enjoy Kayak Port Stephens Broughton Island

Our Broughton Island adventure is one of our best, and it’s for many good reasons.

The Myall Lakes National Park includes the 148-acre Broughton Island. Many different animals are on the Island and in the water around it.We set up camp near a busy group of seabirds, the wedge-tailed shearwaters.

The fact that the Island is only a couple of hours by car north of a big city, Newcastle, adds to the appeal of the Kayak Port Stephens Broughton Island adventure.

During the whale migration season, you can kayak Port Stephens Broughton Island and get up close to humpback whales.

The Island gives you peace and privacy that can be hard to find on the mainland.

Key points why we love our Island

  • Very few people kayak to the island
  • The abundant and varied wildlife
  • A challenging, rewarding environment
  • Not too physically challenging
  • Outstanding views of the mainland

Activity highlights

It’s hard to know where to start talking about the best parts of a kayak Port Stephens Broughton Island trip, but I’ll try.

Firstly, you can hike up the 90-meter-high point of Esmeralda Cove. When you get to the top, the view is fantastic.
All of a sudden, you can see both the North and south of the Australian coastline stretching away from you.

Second, you will be looking down on the Looking Glass, a cut that goes right through the Island. But also you’ll be able to swim and snorkel in the cutting, home to all kinds of underwater animals, such as Grey Nurse Sharks, giant rays, wobbegong sharks, and many different types of fish.

Thirdly, you’ll feel like you’re in another world as you sit in Esmeralda Cove at night while the waves break gently on the clean sandy beach.

Lastly, a slow kayak ride around the Island’s shores can show more of its secrets.

Key points, activity highlights

  • Explore the islands many outstanding viewpoints
  • Snorkel and swim in pristine clear waters
  • Camp next to a seabird colonies nesting grounds
  • View a new perspective of the mainland
  • See amazing stars unhindered by city light pollution

Additional information about the wildlife

The Port Stephens coastal region is known for letting people get close to whales and dolphins.

Depending on the time of year you book your island adventure, you may see different sea life. For example, from May to November is the best time to see whales, and from November to April, when it’s warmer, you can see dolphins.

The Broughton Island trip gives you some of the best chances to see and paddle with these animals anywhere.

Key points, about the wildlife

  • Get up close and personal with:
  • Dolphins (anytime)
  • Whales (winter months only)
  • Turtles (anytime)
  • Wobbiegong Sharks (anytime)

About the camping

Camping on Broughton Island is a luxury, with this in mind NSW National Parks have strict rules.

Important to realise the biggest limit, how many people can be there at once.

Another Key point, where we can camp is the other restriction.

In the beautiful Esmeralda Cove, our tents are set up on wooden platforms that look out over the beach. To explain, the platforms are all about protecting the environment, particularly the bird nests.

There is a toilet block next to the camping platforms.

We are restricted in what we can bring because all of our camping gear and food must fit inside the Kayaks. But we think the boats have enough room for us to bring everything we need for a good trip.

We don’t have freezers, so most of the food we eat is vegetarian. But don’t let this put you off; we are experts at making delicious food in remote places.

Key points, about our camping

  • Sheltered timber platforms
  • Toilet facilities
  • A unique experience
  • Isolated but not too remote
  • Outstanding views the Cove

About yourself

If you’re worried about your ability to do something like the Kayak Port Stephens Broughton Island Adventure, remember that our experienced guides will teach you how to paddle the kayaks easily.

You could also start with our one day kayaking experience on the nearby Myall Lakes initially to gain confidence.

All you need is a reasonable fitness level and a wish to try new things.

The difference between going on a trip with a guide and going on your own is huge.

Because our tours are led by knowledgeable, skilled, and licenced people, you get to see many places you would need help to see.
Also, we think of you as part of a team that helps us overcome all of the tours challenges.

You should be aware of this

Walking Rivers has rigorus risk management and contingency plans in place, as well as safety protocols so you won’t have to worry about anything except having a good time.

Still not sure about paddling offshore and camping, you can always take a look at our three day Myall Lakes Kayaking Adventure here

We don’t include

  • Accommodation Before or after the kayak portion of the trip
  • Flights, airport transfers, ferry’s, taxi’s, Uber’s
  • Travel/Medical insurance
  • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages
  • Personal items (toiletries clothing etc)
  • Sleeping bag liner


Tasks prior to the trip

In an email, you will receive a list of things to pack.

Then roughly one week before departure:

First, we make a brief phone call to everyone who has reserved the kayak Port Stephens Broughton Island adventure with us.

Second,after the introductions, your guide will ensure we are all on the same page and cover any important last-minute information.

Thirdly, pick-up and departure times will also be confirmed during the call.

Day one, driving to the launch site

The weather is the most important part of our Kayak Port Stephens Broughton Island Tour. We may leave very early on the first day to fit into a small window of good weather. The exact time we leave will be told to you the night before.

We recognise that you may be flying in from another city and we are picking you up from Newcastle airport. Alternatively, you may be travelling with us in our vehicle from Newcastle, or driving up to the start in your own car.

Taking the above into consideration, we will adjust our meeting and pick-up times to ensure that we arrive at the launch site in plenty of time to paddle out to the island

The island lies approximately fourteen kilometres northeast of Port Stephens and about three kilometres offshore.

Getting to the Island usually takes most of the day, so on the first day, after arriving on the Island. We focus on setting up camp and making dinner rather than exploring the Island. We put that off until the next day.

After setting up the campsite, there will be some free time for people to relax and enjoy the ambiance of camping in such an outstanding location.

Key points, about getting there

  • Its only 2.5 hours paddle to the island
  • Paddling in the sea is a whole different experience
  • It feels like you are arriving at a unique destination
  • Very few people kayak and camp on an island
  • View the mainland from a new perspective.

Day two,

Relaxation is the order of the day, it’s your day to do as you wish.

Day three,

If you require help, the guides are always available. However, by now, you should be doing everything independently. 

Finally, it will be time to pack everything up, load the Kayaks and then set off on the return paddle to the mainland and then home.

Our approximate return arrival time in Newcastle is between 5 -7 pm.

However, due to the number of variables in wilderness travel we recommend that you don’t plan any critical appointments that rely on us being back at this time.

Fixed times and dates can cause unnecessarily stressful complications should our return be delayed by something out of our control.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your travel plans in more detail.