two people are paddling Kayaks across the kale during the Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure



The Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure  takes three nights and two days

The total price of only $549  includes all food, transportation, kayaks, professional guides, safety equipment. 

 Suitable for the whole family no minimum age .

Myall Lakes Camping & Paddling

Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure is the opportunity for you to discover peace and tranquility you didn’t know existed. Walking Rivers kayaking fun.

Walking Rivers has tailored two different three-day kayak and camping experience’s. One on the Barrington River and the other on the Myall Lakes, both are designed to give anyone the perfect getaway experience.

Kayaking, discovering the wildlife, snorkelling & camping are just some of the fantastic activities you will do with us on the Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure.

Key points why are we different

  • Comprehensive training included
  • All kayaks and equipment included
  • All camp equipment included
  • Delicious food included
  • Transfers to the National Park included


Primarily for us, the Port Stephens Myall lakes Kayak Adventure is about visiting an area that provides the opportunity for anyone to Kayak in sheltered waters.

It is an ideal waterway for beginners as well as the more experienced. Additionally, the area offers a wide variety of unique landscapes to explore and learn about only possible by Kayak. Very similar to our snowy river kayak adventure

The lakes are part of the area known as Myall Lakes National Park.

Key points why we love our Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure

  • Kayak sheltered waters
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Not too physically demanding
  • Outstanding scenic beauty
  • The abundant and varied wildlife


During 1971 a convention was held in the city of Ramsar, Iran.

The purpose of the conference was to identify the value of the wetlands of the world to the environment and also to implement a system that protected these precious areas.
Australia in 1974 was one of the first countries in the world to dedicate a wetland for protection under the Ramsar convention.

Our Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure will have you paddling through the heart of the region exploring as you Kayak along.

A Ramsar listing is an international recognition the park is a unique area that deserves protection. The park protects 18 different wetland types, with many of the regions being vital for the survival of threatened species of migratory birds.


The Myall Lakes National Park is an excellent place for you to enjoy water-based activities.

Described as slightly brackish the water is for ideal swimming and relaxing. Furthermore, at all of our campsites, the bottom of the lake is clean, fresh sand.

The camping is amongst many native animals as the park is home to a tremendous diversity of wildlife.

All the campsites have outstanding views of the surrounding landscape, and you will have ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural world.

Our guides are trained to provide you with information about the general cultural history of the area as well as information about the areas flora and fauna.

Key points, activity highlights

  • Swimming in almost fresh water
  • Camp amongst the diverse range of wildlife
  • Learn about the cultural heritage
  • Camp at kayak only accessible campsites
  • See amazing stars unhindered by city light pollution


The plant’s life found in the park is unusually diverse with as many as 946 different plant species.

as well as two separate mangrove species and many other submerged water plant species.

There is also a tremendous diversity of wildlife, with 298 bird, 46 mammals, 44 fish, 37 reptile and 29 amphibian species recorded in the Ramsar site alone.

Key points, about the wildlife

  • Get up close and personal with:
  • The diverse range of plant species
  • The diverse range of animal species
  • Outstanding photo opportunities of wildlife
  • Opportunity to journey with nature


Firstly, we start our journey from our home base in Newcastle, travel North on the Pacific highway eventually turning off towards to the Myall Lakes National Park (approximately two hours).

Our kayak start point for the Myall Lake Kayak Adventure is at Neranie. We then have a relaxing fun paddle for three days down to a place called Nerong, where our journey ends.

Our bus can pick people up at one of our designated meeting places along the way and return you to the same spot. We are as flexible as possible with our pickups to try and make it easy for you. Talk to us on an individual basis to arrange your pickup point.

Of course, we will bring you back to your pick up location when your adventure ends.
To date, we have never left any person behind.

Key points, about getting there

  • Convenient departure points
  • Regular breaks
  • It feels like you are arriving at a unique destination
  • Making new friends
  • View the National Park from a new perspective.


If you have chosen to join us for more than one day and for those who haven’t tried it, the Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure is a typical expedition style kayak journey.

We are limited to what we can travel with, as both all our camping equipment and food needs to fit into the Kayaks. However, we feel the boats are roomy enough for us to take everything we need to ensure a high level of comfort.

If everything goes to plan we are camping in a different location by the Lake each night. Therefore we need to set up and dismantle our camp every day.

Key points, about our camping

  • reconnect with nature
  • Toilet facilities
  • A unique experience
  • plenty of free time
  • Discover inner calm
  • Campfire ambience


Primarily all our food is vegetarian or similar, the reason for this is simple ,we have no refrigeration. Don’t let this put you off though , we specialise in cooking food in remote areas that tastes outstanding.

No one has ever complained about our food.

When possible we use locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from our nearby farmer’s markets.

Additionally, we like to top our delicious meals of with some camp style baking.

Furthermore, we also provide 24-hour snacks just in case you get a hungry for something late at night. It is a Walking Rivers policy you will never go hungry, even after a day’s paddle in the fresh air.

Key points, about the food

  • Included in the price
  • Plenty to eat
  • Cooked in the camp setting
  • 24-hour snacks and fruit
  • Diverse menu


If you are at all apprehensive about your abilities to undertake something like the Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure, please remember:

Our experienced river guides will train you in the skills needed to negotiate all of the lakes with ease.All you need is to be moderately fit and have a yearning for some safe and controlled adventure.

Going on a fully guided adventure is very different to going it alone. Being conducted by professional, trained, qualified people allows us to go to many places that would be unthinkable on our own. Additionally, we consider you to be part of a team overcoming all the challenges the Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure throws at us.

Walking Rivers has comprehensive risk management and contingency plans in place as well safety procedures that ensure you will be free to not worry about anything too much other than having fun.


  • Professional guiding service
  • All kayaking equipment 
  • Meals on arrival at camp  (four total included)
  • Cooking equipment
  • Camping equipment including tents, thick Therm-a-rest mattresses
  • National Park Fees


  • Accommodation before or after the kayaking portion of your trip;
  • Flights, airport transfers, ferries, taxis
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages
  • Personal items (toiletries, clothing, etc.)
  • Sleeping bag liner

Let us know if you are you are bringing any of your own camping equipment. After checking the list of what to bring lets us know if you have any questions about anything relating to gear.

If you wish to look at different tours


Our Journey begins the moment we climb on board the bus bound for our Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure . Relax and enjoy the journey as we whisk you along the highway to firstly, morning tea in Hawks Nest & then secondly onto the Myall Lakes National Park. 



Approximately one week before leaving


We endeavour to telephone or Skype every person who has booked the Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure Kayak with us. After the introductions, your guide will tell you about the logistics of the journey and any other relevant details.

The call also gives us a chance to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your adventure.
Additionally, we will confirm the exact departure time and location, for each person or to alert you if there are have been any last minute changes.


You will be a member of a team partaking in an adventure experience from the moment we meet at our bus departure point.

You will be a member of a team partaking in an adventure experience from the moment we meet at our bus departure point.
Our guides will assist you in packing your gear on board the bus, introduce you to anyone you haven’t met and work to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable about the adventure ahead.

As we have a busy schedule, it means getting away early on our first day, 8 am our target time of departure.

Initially, our first two hours are spent highway driving up to our first turn off north of Buladelah.

Leaving the freeway behind the new road, Lakes Way takes us through beautiful scenery including some rainforest areas with glimpses of the lakes we are about to paddle on.

On arriving at our destination, Neranie, a lakeside camping area in the northern end of the Myall Lakes National Park, we unload the kayak, our gear and say goodbye to the bus.

Its now time to get out on to the water and get comfortable with the kayaks and how they behave.
However, before we get in the boats, we will do some onshore training just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Its a great chance for some revision for the more experienced paddlers and for the new kayakers they will quickly see how easy kayaking is.


Its now time to get out on to the water and get comfortable with the kayaks and how they behave.
However, before we get in the boats, we will do some onshore training to make sure everyone is on the same page.

We will start be covering the following strokes:

  • forward stroke
  • reverse stroke
  • Sweep strokes
  • Draw stroke

Its a great chance for some revision for the more experienced paddlers and for the new kayakers they will quickly see how easy kayaking is.

Don’t worry too much if you can’t get these strokes one of the guides can always give you a tow.

Next task will be to pack all our gear into the Kayaks getting ready to leave for our campsite on the island roughly 2 hours paddling away.

Before heading off, we will have a bit more instruction about:

  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Equipment Demonstration
  • Group management
  • Safety procedures

Wow!!! Fully armed with all our new kayaking knowledge and everyone on the same page it should be an excellent paddle out to our first campsite Shelley Beach.

Before we go ashore and set up camp, we will spend some time paddling around exploring the shoreline.


After setting up the campsite, there will be some free time for people to relax and enjoy the ambience of camping beside such a beautiful Lake.
Dinner time will see us tucking into a sumptuous barbecue feast, then sitting by a campfire (if we are lucky and have no fire bans) enjoying the taste of toasted marshmallows.

The campfire experience as well as giving us the opportunity to share kayaking stories also allows us time for reflection on what a fantastic day we had.

For those people that are tired, bed is going to be very welcome at whatever time you wish.


Rise and shine ready for fun and adventure.
Firstly we have a hearty breakfast, after which we pack everything up, load the Kayaks and then set off for a day reveling in the stunning views and wildlife while en route to a new campsite for the night. Going ashore for morning tea, lunch and at any other time, we see something we want to take a closer look at.

Second night sees us camping at a kayak only accessible campsite. Always a great experience.

These camps offer a fabulous opportunity to relax and appreciate the unique country the Myall Lakes National park is renowned for displaying.


Last and final day of exploration. After a morning paddle down to where the bus is parked, we will pack up our things and soak up the last bit of tranquillity before our return the real world once again.


Our approximate return time to Newcastle is between 5 -7 pm, however, due to the number of variables in wilderness travel we recommend that you don’t plan any critical appointments that rely on us being back at this time. Fixed times and dates can cause unnecessarily stressful complications should our return be delayed by something out of our control. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your travel plans in more detail. We can pick you up or drop you off at the Airport or from your house.


The images you see below have all been taken during Myall Lakes Kayak Adventure